Dear customers, our natural snacks, chewing articles are prevailing from Germany or from EU production, we place a lot of value of quality, also this are the chewing articles without artificial Farb and preservatives. We pack many of the chewing articles in our family business still by hand and Personally for you from. Also we move bit by bit the packaging on lastingness, therefore, ecologically and biologically, many of the packaging are decontaminateable even about the biocompost, pay attention in addition to the tip on the label and the packaging. All our Leckerli and natural products, are free of oil in packaging to 98%! The packaging boxing are produced of bamboo fibres. For their production no trees must be liked. Cardboard boxes from bamboo fibres Cardboard with coating PLA Block ground bag from brown or white strength paper With view windows from PLA 100% biologically abbaubar* Of bioplastic PLA, freely of oil According to DIN13432 biodegradable biologically abbaubarDIN13432 kompostierbarbiobasiert, less CO2 *Die biology rubbish order (order about the utilisation of biorubbish on agriculturally, forest and gärtnerisch to used grounds - BioAbfV) prescribes in Germany that for the Ausbringung - and with it also for the composting in industrial composting arrangements - exclusively compostible rubbish of bioplastic may be used which is certificated after the norm German Institute for Standardization EN 13432. That's why the article is to be decontaminated in the rest garbage tonne. On account of the high portion in growing again raw materials the material as an energy source in the thermal utilisation of the garbage combustion burns nearly CO2 neutrally and completely freely of pollutant.